Growlers are a great way to enjoy any of our draft beer away from the brewery. It's also one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy craft beer at home.

General Information

  • Empty growlers are available for purchase. €5 for 1L, €9 for 2L, including IVA.
  • Growler fills generally range in price from €5-7 for 1L and €10-14 for 2L depending on beer style.
  • The first time you purchase the empty growler and also pay for the fill. After that, bring your growler back and only pay for the fill.
  • Most beer is available for growler fills. Occasionally we'll have a limited quantity of a special beer that we won't be able to put into growlers.
  • Growlers are generally good for 1-2 days after filling. Keep the growler refrigerated for best results.


We have some policies in place to ensure that our beer is enjoyed in the best possible way.

  • Growlers are only to be consumed away from the brewery. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy our beer at the brewery.
  • Once the empty growler is purchased, it's yours to keep. They are non-refundable.
  • No partial fills. We put 2 liters of beer in a 2 liter growler.
  • We are happy to fill growlers you purchased elsewhere as long as they conform to the following guidelines.

We will fill the following growlers

  • Any clean, maintained Dois Corvos growler.
  • Any clean growler made of dark brown glass or polished metal. Growler volume must be stamped into the glass or metal.

We will NOT fill the following growlers

  • Growlers made of clear glass or glass that is not dark brown.
  • Plastic growlers.
  • Growlers with cork/pull-out lids.
  • Dirty or damaged growlers.

More about growlers can be found here.