Our brewery is located in Lisbon, and was founded by by Susana Cascais and Scott Steffens in 2015. We are a creative and innovative brewery, producing a wide variety of styles, with 3 to 4 new releases per month.

About the Beer

Some of the beers we like to brew:

LAGERS: We make some awesomely crisp lagers and pilsners that you can drink year round.

IPAS & HOP FORWARD: Delicious and fresh NEIPAs, IPAs, double NEIPAs, and an ever-evolving range of hop forward beers - we truly love our hops.

THE DARK SIDE: We also love dark, malty, and roasty beers, and as such we always have on hand some rich and tasty imperial stouts, barleywines, quads, and other big brews.

WILD & SOUR: Last but not least, we make a serious amount of mixed fermentation and Sours, where we work with wild yeast and bacteria to create a depth of character and acidity. We also love playing with fruits, wine must, spices, and we challenge ourselves to be on the cutting edge of brewing.

BARREL PROGRAM: We have an extensive Barrel Aging program, consisting of around 350 oak barrels. At any given time, we have a wide variety of barrels on hand, from Port wine, to Moscatel, Bourbon, Carcavelos wine, whiskey, rum, white and red wine, you name it. Even a 120-year old amphora. We are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and are always eager to take it one more step forward.

About the Brewery

We started in 2015 on a very manual 800L brewhouse, with a few controls we designed ourselves, and lots of hoses and sweat. The plan was to be lucky if we got 100 brews out of the system, but fortunately we got 300+ plus. We even bought a bunch of 2000L tanks and even a 4000L fermenter that was impossible to fill with the early manual system.

In 2017 we got our 2000L ABE Brewhouse and shimied it into the back room of our Marvila Capitão Leitão location. We rented an additional space down the street to keep barrels and raw materials and finished product, and annoyed all of the neighbors as we drove the forklift back and forth slowly on the cobblestones all day - half the trips being the wrong way down the one-way street.

In 2019 we expanded to our current production space where we have 10 x 6000L tanks, centifuge, and a modern canning line to make the best beer possible. At this point we have all the toys we need - we even have a chain and disc grain system so we no longer have to add grain by hand.


Dois Corvos is an independent brewery. Why is independence important, and who are we independent from? We're free from corporate control — here the beer is in charge. Frankly, We are not dogmatic about very much, other than our independence. There is no thriving beer culture without small, independent breweries.

Our Mission

Our unofficial mission is to keep Portuguese craft beer moving forward. We do out part to cultivate a positive beer community.

We like to think that one of the reasons why we keep on growing steadily is that we have been accomplishing one of the clearest goals we have set: bringing you new - new styles, new techniques, new recipes and new approaches, new experiences.

We are constantly exploring off the beaten path.

Dois Corvos is one of the Portuguese breweries that helped developing a fun-loving community of people and brands who want to elevate craft beer locally and internationally.

We take pride in learning, teaching and growing with everyone interested in showing that beer is an ever-evolving, flavorful, far from obvious beverage, through collabs with national and international breweries with whom we share the same values.

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